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Zurich is a small town with a big reputation. As a major hub of international finance, many assume that Zurich is a big, impersonal city. In reality, Zurich is a small city with less than 400,000 residents. But, as a commercial center, you'll find that hotel rooms are expensive and often hard to come by due to business travelers and conventions.

Staying in a Zurich apartment is a great way to get a better value for your money and to experience the city like a local. What you give up in amenities like room service and a concierge, you may gain in the size of the flat or a well-stocked kitchen. You will probably have conveniences like free Wi-Fi or a washer/dryer. And you'll also have added privacy as well as the ability to prepare a few meals at home which will reduce your expenses.

The Altstadt district of Zurich is the Old Town. As the name may suggest, this area is filled with old world charm so it is a wonderful place for your holiday flat. If you explore Altstadt , you will find wonderful shops and boutiques hidden in the maze of pedestrian streets. At night, you'll find many restaurants and jazz clubs just outside your door. If you want to follow in the footsteps of history, stop in at the James Joyce Pub or Café Odeon, or dine at one of the taverns that offer traditional fondue and rosti .

If you're travelling for business or prefer to stay on a more central path, book your holiday flat near Bahnhofstrasse . In this section of Zurich, you'll find the headquarters of its international banks as well as department stores and exclusive boutiques. You can wander along the Limmat quays and Lake Zurich, through the many parks and into the botanical garden. If you are a shopper, you will find this section to truly be paradise.

But if you'd prefer a holiday flat somewhere a bit more exciting, Zuri West or Niederdorf may be the section of Zurich for you. Zuri West is known as a hip, up and coming section of Zurich with its lounge bars and late night clubbing. Many of the local restaurants serve food from areas outside Zurich and venture as far as Turkish kebabs and Indian curries. Zuri West has also turned its once old warehouse into a thriving art gallery. Niederdorf is also considered a center for nightlife.

A Zurich apartment can be the perfect way to experience the city. Not only may you save some money, you may also find that you really do feel like a local.


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