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Zurich is the financial capitol of Europe and one of the most beautifully located cities in the world. It is smaller than most main European cities, making its city center navigable by travelers looking to see it all. Most of Zurich's hostels are conveniently situated within the small city center and are spread at random on both sides of the north-flowing Limmat River.

As it is one of the wealthiest cities in Europe, Zurich is also one of the most expensive, meaning that the selection of cheap lodging is significantly more narrow than most other cities and the average price of a bed in the city is almost twice as much. If paying between $40 and $50 is inconsequential then consider these options for your cheapest, best options in Zurich.

Youth Hostel Zurich offers beds in shared rooms for $48, one of the lowest rates in the entire city. For this price reduction you will be a bit removed from the city center but it is easily accessible by public transportation, as Zurich has some of the best in all of Europe. The hostel has no curfew, so you won't be stopped from enjoying the city at any time. 

Zurich boasts a single backpacker's hostel: the centrally located City Backpacker - Hostel Biber, where you can get a bed for $41 a night, the lowest rate in the city. Biber is more centrally located than Youth Hostel Zurich, and lies within walking distance to the best of Zurich's spots, including the Neiderdorf district in Old Town that is famous for its clubs, bars, restaurants, lounges, five-star hotels and fashion shops. In the district you can find authentic attractions such as Brazilian bars, punk clubs, Turkish kebabs and Italian cafes. The hostel also has a rooftop bar that is perfect for surveying the city that you are staying in even before you do the exploring. Hostel Biber advertises its high guest turnover and works to make it easy for single-night guests to interact with others. It is perfect for those just stopping in the city, or for those who are so unsure of the city's charm that they don't know how long they'll be there.

Budget Accommodation in Zurich

Switzerland conjures up images of snowy mountains, picturesque lakes and homely cuisine and its capital city has all these charms – and more! But the beauty of Zurich comes at a high price, with the city's restaurants and hotels among some of the most expensive in the world.

Zurich hostels offer great budget accommodation for travelers and backpackers hoping for a slice of Swizz life without having to splash out.

Zurich Hostels

Hostel Bristol Zurich
A newly renovated and affordable hostel in the heart of the city, Hostel Bristol has both well-equipped singles and family rooms. It's a great base for exploring the sights of Zurich and easily accessible from the main train station. The atmosphere is welcoming and international with personal touches, such as the complimentary breakfast, making for a pleasant stay in the city.

Hotel Limmathof
Hotel Limmathof is situated at the edge of the romantic Old Town with the ‘Central' tram stop right outside to whisk guests around the sights. The style is simple but homely, with good quality facilities to suit every budget traveler's needs. There are also two affordable restaurants on the premises to choose from - Pot au Vert serves vegetarian dishes and there's traditional Swiss fare at Restaurant Weinstube.

Youth Hostel Zurich
Open around the clock, Youth Hostel Zurich offers traditional hostelling accommodation in the city. Cheap beds are available in large dorms or family rooms and there's a games room, courtyard and bar for guests, along with a stylish modern lounge. Breakfast is included while the hostel also provides lunch and dinner at a subsidized price to help backpackers afford a getaway in this pricey city.

Zic-Zac Rock Hotel
With a great location in the heart of the Old Town , Zic-Zac Rock Hotel bills itself as a home for ‘the young and young at heart' and, with its bright colors and youthful vibe, it certainly has a funky atmosphere. Each room is decorated with a different rock legend in mind and, although there are only private rooms, this affordable hotel has the party atmosphere of a hostel. The bar downstairs has classic American cooking and late opening on the weekend and there's a restaurant serving Indian cuisine.

X-TRA Hotel , Zurich
Just a short distance from Zurich's main train station the hotel is stylish with contemporary rooms. Guests are free to use the internet terminal or relax in the chic bar and lounge area. When the weather is fine, there is also a beautiful terrace for guests to enjoy.


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