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The Swiss Franc is the main currency but the Euro is all accepted in most places but the exchange rate may be poor. ATMs are widespread with using the Cirrus or Maestro system. Banks are open Monday to Friday.

The Flohmarkt at Bürkliplatz, near the Stadelhofen station operates every Saturday from 6 to 15:30 from May-October.

The current is 220 volts and uses the round three pin type but also accepts the rounded two pin plug.

German is the main language for Zurich.

Zurich is one hour ahead of GMT in the winter and two hours ahead in the summer.

A 15% service charge is normally included in all hotel, taxi, bar and restaurant bills and no extra tipping is needed.

Zurich has a low crime rate and generally safe country but still look out for pickpockets. Public Transportation is very safe.

The international country dialling code for Switzerland is 41 and the outgoing code is 00. Mobile phone GSM 1800 and 900 networks operate throughout the country.


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