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Located in Central Switzerland Zurich is the country’s largest city and a major international financial and commercial centre. Set against a backdrop of the Swiss Alps and Lake Zurich there are many parks and spaces to walk in and relax.

Zurich Airport is a prominent international hub with major rail and road links to other towns and villages in Switzerland. The city of Zurich is served by a major train station with many international destinations within a few hours journey. In and around the city the S Bahn serves the local transport needs along with buses and trams.

There are budget tickets available from the Swiss Transport System such as a Swiss Pass which cover public transport and offer discounts to some attractions. In summer bicycles can be rented for free in the city.

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Zurich is located on the River Limmat which flows into Lake Zurich and is about 30 km from the Alps. It has a population of 358440 and is split into twelve districts, the most well known for visitors being the Altstadt or Old Town. Others include Industriequartier which has undergone regeneration and is now an important commercial sector, and Aussersihl near the main railway station.

The main historic centre of Zurich is on the Lindenhof, a hill on the banks of the River Limmat. Zurich is home to the Swiss Stock Exchange and to major banking corporations such as Credit Suisse and UBS. It is also ranked as the sixth most expensive city in the world.

Zurich’s history dates back to Roman times and over the years has seen the development of the Fraumunster Abbey in 853, the beginning of the Swiss Reformation by Zurich pastor Zwingli in the fifteenth century, and the growth into the major city today. Academic institutions in Zurich include The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the University of Zurich. German is the principal language in Zurich, although English and French are widely spoken

The city has many festivals and celebrations though the year including an International Theatre Festival and Zurifascht, an event where music is set to firework displays. The famous Street Parade takes place each August and is one of the world’s best techno festivals. Zurich has a wide selection of bars and clubs with a well known night life and a number of good restaurants. For shopping there are many elegant and chic stores with continental fashions and designer jewelers. The city is home to many good hotels and budget accommodation for visitors. Cultural highlights include major art exhibitions and performances at the opera, and live music in many of the restaurants.

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The surrounding countryside has stunning mountain scenery and there are many walks to get to know the area better. Walking on the Uetliberg for example also gives hikers an insight into how the planets are structured with some scaled models. Other walks in the Schaffhausen area take visitors past the famous waterfalls. Zurich has a lot to offer visitors and has a timeless appeal with something new to see on every visit.

The red light district of Zürich but is clean and safe.

“ Pfauen ”
Up the hill from Bellevue is the Heimplatz but locally named after the peacock statue over the famous Schauspielhaus theatre and the café next door was well used by James Joyce.

The Old Town
The Old Town with its narrow streets is best viewed by walking. Explore the main boutiques, antique shops, bars and cafes.

A hill overlooking Zurich with a 360 degree view from a tall viewing tower. From here is the planetary walk along the ridge with models of the planet.

A small canal leading to the lake that was part of the city fortifications between Limmat and Sihl.

A lake trip with one of the two old steam ships.


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