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Zurich is Switzerland's big city and thus is also the epicenter of the country and its main travel destination. The city is a very popular stopover for travelers doing the European tour and is an excellent place to view art and get your shopping in. The good news is that this is a city that is relatively small compared to the many massive European metropolises nearby and exploring the city will not take too much time. There are quite a few very fun and entertaining attractions that can make your trip to Zurich an unforgettable experience.

Spending a day at the zoo is a great way to learn about nature and Zurich Zoo in particular is an excellent place to do so. The different settings and displays throughout the zoo do a great job of putting you up close with the animals and the zoo gives tours in multiple languages making this an ideal spot for travelers. This is a very well run zoo and everything here is very clean and well kept. A few hours here will do the trick and give you an opportunity to see all the interesting animals on display.


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The Museum of Art in Zurich has a very impressive collection of art and is highly rated as one of the best art museums in Western Europe. The free audio tours make for an intriguing and informative tour of the gallery and works ranging from the middle ages through the 20 th century. This is a very diverse collection and the modern art featured here is especially intriguing. While there are many art galleries to choose from in this part of the world, this one is a can't-miss when in Zurich.

The Toy Museum in Zurich is a very unique attraction that has become very popular with the backpacking crowd. While most travelers spend their time traveling through Europe and seeing all the historical sites, browsing artwork and studying the local culture, there comes a time when backpacker burnout becomes a real issue and these travelers simply want some time to cut loose and have some fun. The Toy Museum in Zurich is a great way to spend a few hours exploring a less intense attraction and enjoying the wonderland of toys that are spread throughout the Museum both new and old.

Talking a Walk to Lindenhofplatz, is an excellent way to spend a few hours while in Zurich. This serene park is an ideal setting overlooking the Limmat River. The beautiful lush natural surroundings set the scene for chess players, playful children and travelers passing through to get a glimpse of the area. This is very centrally located to other important sites such as St. Peters Church and setting aside an hour or two here to take a break and plan a picnic will give you an unforgettable experience. The view of the river and city here are the incredible and you will have some time to reflect on your travels in this gorgeous setting.

The Biking and Hiking Tours offered by TopTrekTouren Zurich is highly rated by travelers as one of the top activities to enjoy in the city. Prices for the tours are quite reasonable and the 2 or 3 day tours that are available are a great way to get better acquainted with the big city. An old town walking tour and skiing tours are also available and Top Trek has earned a reputation of the top guide company in the city. This is a great group activity to experience with fellow travelers and is sure to produce some unforgettable memories of Zurich.


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