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People from around the world seek Zurich tourist information for a multitude of different reasons. This city has one of the largest financial centres in the world but it's really the vast number of museums and galleries that grab the attention of most. Of course, add in Lake Zurich, the Swiss Alps and exciting festivals and you have yourself a place you may never want to leave. Whatever your reason for visiting, you are going to need a tourist information guide to help you become prepared for your stay.

There are four very distinct seasons to be enjoyed in Zurich as the city offers a humid continental climate. Precipitation is heaviest May through August but temperatures are pleasant. July is the warmest month with average temperatures of 23.6°C while January is the coldest, lingering around 2.0°C and dropping below freezing at night.

If you are interested in tourist information regarding getting around the city, you should know that the city is well known and appreciated for its safe, clean and efficient public transportation. There are single, day month and annual cards which can be purchased or you can buy single tickets. Vending machines are in English, German, Italian and French.

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There are several buses and tram lines that run through the city and they are incredibly punctual. It is quite rare to experience more than 30 second delay which means you need to be prepared to get on and off quickly. If you are venturing to any of the suburbs you will want to take the S-Bahn . You must have a ticket prior to boarding the S-Bahn or you will be subject to a fine.

Bikes, skateboards, and skates can be acquired free May through October at the central train station and many stands throughout the city which makes getting around affordable, convenient and exciting. You don't even have to return them to the same location either!

Anyone interested in Zurich tourist information should know that you have to carry your passport or a photocopy of it on you at all times and be prepared to show it to police upon request. Zurich is safe but like other major cities in Switzerland, you have to be cautious of pickpockets. Always carry your purse or wallet in a secure way. If you need the police you can call 117 or call 144 for an ambulance. Alternatively, you can also call 112, an SOS number good anywhere in Europe.

The main language spoken is Zurich German. In fact, this is spoken by nearly 80 percent of the population. However, you will find many people on the streets who speak English and individuals who work in hotels and major attractions are often fluent. Other languages spoken here include Italian, Spanish, French, Albanian, Portuguese, Slovenian, Croatian, Macedonian, Serbian and Bosnian.

The final thing you should know if you're looking for Zurich tourist information is that the currency used is the Swiss franc. Exchanging currency can be done at the airport, banks, post offices and major hotels but you will get the best rate if you simply make a withdrawal with your ATM card. Of course, credit cards widely accepted throughout the city.


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